KyBook 3.

A major innovations.

A completely new engine for FB2/EPUB/MOBI books.

New books cataloger.

Multi-tab interface (optional, pro).

A new engine for working with Cloud Storage.

New interface for book reading with new cool features.

Full support for recent Apple iOS functions.


Public beta-test KyBook 3 (alpha).

Join the test group

A list of features has not implemented yet in the alpha version:

Future and outlook.

Unfortunately, we are forced to begin an open testing of the very raw alpha version of the third KyBook. The reason is very trivial: lack of resources to finish the development of the KyBook 3. Start testing as early, we hope to attract attention and get help from those who are not indifferent.

You may already know what happened, but I’ll duplicate it below: On the night of 5 to 6 February we had a fire. Burned everything, apartment, documents, telephones, computers, ipads and iphones. We ran out of the house to frost at night in one linen. We were able to rescue just two computer cases (one Mac for development and one FreeBSD server), one iPhone 5s and iPad Air. We have a backup of all source code of all KyBook versions, BiLibre, all components, and the backend in the Cloud. During this week, we restored access to our data in the Cloud, got a few computer devices from our friends, and had been finished re-deploy the development environment, built the apha version of KyBook 3 and upload KyBook 3 into TestFlight. Unfortunately, for continuing development, we do not have anymore opportunities and resources.

According to our preliminary estimates, to complete the development, we need time for about three to four months and cash for $10k to $20k.

Based on the foregoing, the following options are possible:

We would be very grateful for any possible help. We have a shortage of absolutely everything, there is no money, no computer equipments. If you can, please improve your KyBook to Pro or tap on the ad banner in the app. Unfortunately, any additional funds that we can receive from the sales in the App Store, we will receive only via two months (Apple pays money to developers with a significant delay). Maybe you can help us with devices, some old MacBook, obsolete iMac, iPad, etc. And of course we would be greatly helped by your donation.


For donations.

Best regards, KyBook Team

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