What to do if migrating from KyBook 2 fails

30 Sep 2018

What can I do if migrating from KyBook 2 fails?

Firstly, try re-running the migration. Migration only copies files from KyBook 2 that do not exist in KyBook 3, so this will your quickest option

KyBook 3 may not handle badly-formed or corrupt PDFs, causing migration to fail. If you can identify the PDF causing the failure, you could try moving it to cloud storage before retrying migration.

If all else fails, use cloud storage to transfer books:

  1. In KyBook 2 copy your books to your preferred storage
  2. In KyBook 3 attach this storage.
  3. In Cataloguer tap the Command icon (top-right of the screen)
  4. Tap Add books on the menu
  5. Tap the line with your preferred storage.

Note: using cloud storage transfer rather than migration will NOT transfer your notes/bookmarsk/etc. from KyBook 2.

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