KyBook 3

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The best way to read your book ever!

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KyBook is the iOS application for reading and cataloging e-books in a modern, user-friendly style. KyBook supports all the major e-book formats, OPDS catalogs and Cloud Storage. Continuously developing and improving in close contact with thousands of KyBook users.

Key features

  • All the major e-book formats
  • OPDS catalogs
  • Comfortable reading mode
  • Powerful annotations
  • Handy cataloguer
  • Cloud Storage

Ebook Formats

  • EPub (DRM-free)
  • FictionBook (fb2,
  • Plain and rich text (txt, rtf)
  • PDF (DRM-free)
  • DjVu
  • Comic Book (cbr, cbz, cbt)
  • MobiPocket and Kindle (mobi, azw3)
  • Audio Book (mp3, m4a, m4b)

OPDS Catalogs

  • Provides access to enormous collection of free electronic books through OPDS-catalogs support
  • Built-in list of well-known OPDS Catalogs
  • Allows add own catalog (e.g. Calibre content server)
  • Supports for .onion OPDS Catalogs reachable via Tor Network

Comfortable reading mode

  • Themes, color schemes for reading (day, night, sepia and more)
  • Page turn with scroll, curl and slide
  • Designed to be fast, energy efficient, optimized for very large books (books in millions of words)
  • Auto scrolling mode
  • Text-to-speech technology to voice any e-book

EPUB/FB2/MOBI specific features

  • Customizable font, text size, page margins, paragraph indentation, background and more
  • Typography aware (hanging punctuation, hyphenations and more)

PDF/DJVU specific features

  • Crops page margins in manual or automatic mode
  • Smart zooming by double-tap
  • PDF Reflow on iPhone
  • Page text recognition (OCR)

Powerful annotations

  • Marked text and bookmarks
  • Drawn annotations in any ebook with (using Apple Pencil or just by touching)
  • Annotations exports in Markdown, HTML, PDF, RTF formats

Built-in the summary editor

  • Markdown formatting
  • Exports summaries in Markdown, HTML, PDF, RTF formats

Working with fragments of text

  • Translation of separate words or complete sentences in different languages
  • Search for a word definition in dictionaries
  • Custom dictionaries in Dictd, StarDict and Lingvo DSL format
  • Full text searching in a book (textual, fuzzy and using regular expressions)
  • Built-in search for a selected text on the Internet or Wikipedia

Handy cataloguer

  • Grouping by categories: by authors, subjects, sequences, publishers, tags, popular, recent, new, unread, reading and finished
  • Tags and collections to categorize ebooks
  • Search for books in the library and anywhere in the Internet
  • Own folders tree and flexible bookshelf settings for layout and sorting
  • Arranging books on a bookshelf by dragging

Working with a metadata and a table of contents

  • Automated extraction of a metadata from ebooks
  • Convenient editing of a metadata
  • Editing and creation (automatic or manual) of a table of contents

File Storage

  • Locally on the device
  • In the Cloud Storage (iCloud Drive, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Yandex Disk)
  • In the Local network on Shared Folders (SMB/CIFS) or on WebDAV server
  • Transparent caching of books in the Internet or Local network
  • Supports of streaming audio books in Cloud Storage
  • Runs the Content Server for accessing files on the device via a WiFi

Multi-tab interface in Pro mode

  • The ability to open several books and bookshelfs in different tabs and freely switch between them (Safari like)
  • The way to work with two books or bookshelfs at the same time on the screen
  • The ability to open the book at the same time in two different reading positions on one screen

Synchronization (requires Premium subscription)

  • Syncs all ebooks metadata, reading positions, bookmarks, annotations, reviews and summaries
  • Syncs ebook files
  • (Soon). Access to your synced books anywhere from the Internet with web-browser

Pro mode (requires In-App Purchase)

  • DjVu format
  • User dictionary
  • Advanced UI (Safari similar tabs)
  • Content Server
  • Customizable themes
  • Tags for books
  • Downlodable content (fonts, backgrounds, dictionaries)
  • Auto scrolling
  • Drawing on book pages
  • PDF Reflow
  • Export an ebook as PDF with annotations
  • Tor network

Supports for recent Apple iOS features

  • iPhone X
  • iPad Split Screen Multitasking
  • Apple Pencil for all ebook formats (drawing annotations in ebooks)
  • iOS 11 drag & drop in bookshelfs for reordering or moving or metadata editing

Remarks for KyBook 1/2 users

Dear users, unfortunately the technology stack of KyBook 1/2 is incompatible with KyBook 3. KyBook 3 requires 64-bit device and iOS 11 minimum. It's impossible to upgrade existing KyBook application to KyBook 3 version.

KyBook2 v1.2.4 supports migrations to KyBook 3

For KyBook 2 PRO users there is PRO discount in-app purchase.


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