How to raise an issue about KyBook 3

08 Oct 2018

How do I raise an issue I have about KyBook 3?

The following information is required to raise an issue:

  1. Whether you are using an iPhone or iPad
  2. What version of iOS is installed. (On the iPhone/iPad go to Settings -> General -> About -> Version)
  3. The version of KyBook 3 installed. (In KyBook 3 go to Control -> About -> KyBook 3)
  4. The exact steps to take to cause the issue
  5. What you expected to happen
  6. What actually happened

Without this information it is virtually impossible to address the issue and it may be closed without a response.

When you have gathered the required information, search to see whether your issue has been raised before. (You can do this by replacing the words is:issue is:open in the search box with a word related to your issue and pressing Return) here:

Once you are sure this is a new issue, click theNew issue button. Make it clear whether you think your issue is a bug, feature request, or cosmetic issue, by prefixing the title with 'BUG:', 'FR:', or 'COSMETIC:' respectively.

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